Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Penalty for Conservation? Higher Rates...

It happened with the TTC.
It happened with Toronto Hydro
And now it's happening with City Works...

Toronto's 9.4 per cent hike in the water rate – expected to be repeated annually for some years to come – reflects a trend across the GTA. Blended water and wastewater rates are rising everywhere as consumption continues to drop: 6.5 per cent in Halton, 9.5 per cent in Durham, 11.6 per cent in Markham and 9 per cent in Peel.

The city tells you to conserve, and once again, in their inimitable manner, they fail to realize that this will mean a reduction in revenues and a shortfall. And rather than reduce their expenses to compensate for reduced demand THEY RAISE FEES AND TAXES.

Once again, Toronto is proven to be managed by Larry, Mo and Curly Miller.

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