Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time For EVERYONE to Buy SUVs

Again, I have to draw two obviously uninformed conclusions from reading newspapers and looking out my window.
1/ The Save the Earth from Warming movement has worked. Global Warming is OVER! Get out the salami and cheese.
2/ That, given the logic of the STEW movement, we must now act to fight Global Freezing, and again, to draw on this logic, we must all immediately buy SUVs, install coal burning and spewing furnaces, and fly in private jets. To save the earth...
Question, though: How many people have died from the Global Warming period we've survived? I haven't seen this stat yet. However:
There were at least five deaths attributed to the cold in Albuquerque last Sunday. So much for global warming. Mr. Gore warns us that the penguins and polar bears are all going to die. I have a suggestion for him. Send them to Gulf Shores. There is plenty of water, no people on the beaches, lots of food and freezing temperatures. They will never miss their polar caps, and that suggestion could earn me a Noble Prize.
HT to Fred

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