Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's All Starve to Save The Planet

The Sun
Which brings us to a report last week from Greenpeace that opposes all farming -- except the "sustainable" kind the organic farmers practise.

The environmental watchdog announced farming is one of the major causes of global warming and it wants the federal government to tax fertilizer to combat it.

Farming contributes 17 to 32% of emissions leading to global warming, the report said, much of it coming from overuse of fertilizer, but a lot also coming from animals we eat. Sheep emit the most methane, Greenpeace says, but cows are almost as bad and pigs aren't great either. Poultry contributes the least.

But even clearing more land and putting it to agricultural uses is now a bad thing environmentally, according to Greenpeace.

This is scary stuff. If food is too environmentally unsound to grow, what exactly are we going to eat?

Greenpeace wants a fertilizer tax so the government can provide programs for farmers to develop more "sustainable" practices. Or in other words, they want a tax on food.

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