Friday, July 13, 2007

Lemon: Bad Golf Played Poorly (tm)

Leslie Nielsen, great Canadian , born in Regina and raised in Whitehorse, once wrote a book called "Bad Golf My Way". I always remembered the title as that above and gave him credit, though googling same, I see it doesn't exist and thus, I take full credit.
I am certainly very qualified to write such a piece. If I could only write.
His brother was Mulroney's Finance Minister at one time. Erik was known as old velcro lips. But I digress. Which I do a lot.
On Turner Classic Movies, at this very moment, Leslie, Dr. Numack or Det. Frank Drebin if you prefer, is appearing in "Forbidden Planet".
I can't wait for OJ Simpson to make an appearance or Leslie to take a pratful.
Klatu call home!!

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