Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lemon: This Should Finish PMSH "Born Again Fanatic" Debate

From Lawrence Martin of the Globe:
Our own Stephen Harper, no stranger to ideology, is a man who takes his religion (Presbyterianism) seriously. But, while much has been said about his comfort level with the religious right, there is nothing to suggest he feels that J. C. is co-authoring his playbook.

Recently, in a chat with friends, a comment was made that PMSH was a fanatical 'born-again Christian' who wanted to criminalize abortion and ban same sex marriage.
I corrected her and explained that he wasn't - that this was a strategy by his opponents to tie him to the evil US President, to make him seem scary and ideological, and to connect him to the US fundamentalist right. I explained that yes, he was a practicing Christian (like almost every Prime Minister in history) but that he never let his faith affect his politics.
This has been proven in his actions and policies.

People's faith is between two, not everyone's business. It is fair to look to a political leader's faith as it might affect his/her decisions and actions. It is not fair to invent and attribute a fictional faith practice, and slander said leader and his faith for political purposes.

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