Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lemon: The Last Cookie

We (BATB) had a point of view on cookies first that was supported by our other distaff contributor, MaryT, which was linked to far and wide. Read here.
Today The Star agrees with BATB's excellent point of view.
But this is after Tory poster boy Adam D. points at the Cookie Monster (Warren) and the way he operates - and according to the Adam, Warren would rip a Tory a new alimentary canal for saying something like he did.
I'm a foot soldier in the political warscape - try and help worthy (usually Tory but on one occasion even an NDP candidate) to move themselves forward. Not unlike Warren - I generally get paid to do it too.
And with all due and collegial respect for BATB and MaryT, I agree with Adam.
Politics is played for keeps. There is always only one winner and many losers.
I can remember my first campaign not quite a generation ago. Our advisor told us that if you have your foot on their throat you push down and hold.
I still ascribe to this theory (and repeat it to people I help out) and I suspect that Adam does as well and am fully convinced that Warren can also be a fairly efficient assassin.
Call me a wolf. Grrrr.
Warren (one of Dalton McGuinty's chief advisors) has said that in the coming campaign they will position John Tory as the illegitimate son of Mike Harris, fully committed to destroying western liberal society as we know it. But he has proven that it is Provincial Liberals who are misogynist women haters who indeed kill and eat kittens.

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