Monday, July 16, 2007

Lemon: Miller and Rose Coloured Glasses

The city needs new taxes to compete with big cities around the world, Miller said during the debate.
What colour is the sky in the City that David Miller lives in?
Who in their right mind thinks that Toronto competes in the ranks of even the top THIRTY cities in the world? Miller and his commie minions have driven Toronto down to the ranks of the Clevelands and Portlands. (Sorry Clevelanders and Portlandians)
In what way could Toronto ever be compared to a great city?
This Council can't even figure out how to balance a budget (think NYC think David Dinkins or send out invoices in the right amount for ice rental.
Thankfully, after the NDP gets thumped in the provincial election Miller will leave to take Howie Hampton's job. Bad news is we'll get Shelley Carroll as interim Mayor.
Buffoons, I tell you, Buffoons!!!

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