Friday, July 13, 2007

Lemon Rambles for No Good Reason

"Dave" is on the tube opposite Forbidden Planet. Dave is about a mean and nasty President who has a stroke while en flagrante delecto. A mime that looks a lot like the ex-POTUS and is brought in to replace him and is universally loved, even though he's an idiot who knows nothing and no one. But, even given these rather substantial flaws, he is able to rouse incredible feelings of patriotism among Americans.
Only in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, The Jays are playing in Beantown. Is it just me (who played competitive base(hard) ball for 17 years) but is Fenway Park more like a pinball machine than a ball park?

Had corn, imported from the USA, for dinner. Was delish. Even though I was supporting an imperial nation, but not the Empire in Europe.

I have been boycotting Starbucks since I learned that they charged FDNY for water on 911. I haven't forgiven them, but bought an oat bar tonight.

I want a cigarette - it's been five days.

I miss my girl.

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