Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lemon: It's all because of Global Warming

Today a kitty fancier from the Toronto Humane Society was on Ontario Today in Toronto.
You might remember them for being taken over by nutbars and raiding research labs a few years ago and subsequently being discredited and losing their deal to deal with strays from the city.
Their speaker today seemed sincere and nice but he blamed the growth in number of found strays to, yes, GLOBAL WARMING!!!!
The time period he pointed to was March 2007 and how kittys thought this was May and canoodled like crazy.
If you don't remember the weather of March 2007, click here. Overall the weather was judged normal but I recall it, as well as Feb and 2/3 of Jan as being among the fiercest winters in my memory. The facts bare my memory out.
Maybe it's all about the exponential math of letting animals run wild in the city or having more people collect the strays.
But NOOOOOO, it's all about and because of Global Warming.
Bull feathers.

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