Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lemon: The New "Lone Gunmen" of Climate Change Debate

I suspect readers from all political subsets enjoyed X-Files and many even tuned into the "Lone Gunmen" spinoff.
These sorry souls, sorta looking like they oughta be in a Wayne's World episode, were convinced that there are global conspiracies at work, and huddled in basements lit only by monitor screens searched incessantly for evidence of wrong doing.
Many of you have likely enjoyed "Battlefield Earth" (the Hubbard Book not the Travolta movie) in which straggly humans from Colorado successfully battled heavy scientific aliens for survival. (If you haven't read B.E. I encourage you to do so - it may be the best read of the 20th Century).
I hope this isn't seen as diminishing, but Colorado climate scientists seem to elevate the standard of the Lone Gunmen and Jonny Goodboy.
In January I began reading Dr. Pielke's blog at Univ of Colorado and subsequently established it as a Golden Lemon award winner. Today I came across Fred's hurricane link to a report from researchers at Colorado State that establishes (again) that human climate change terrorists are afloat on dinghies.
Go You Buffalo. Go You Rams.

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