Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why Cats are Better Than Ants...

Little off theme, but then again, having laboured for six months to overthrow a government, I am whimsical this evening...
Henry Gibson said, "because they don't squish when you pet them."
Also, because they maintain their dignity, with poop on their paws, or just having fallen off a chair, or having knocked over a vase. We don't notice ant poop, can't see them drop off a chair, and they can upend only very small vases.
Aha, the tory-poli-link - Liberal leadership candidates find it impossible to maintain their dignity. This post is hereby justified...
Two cats shed more hair than a whole herd of wildebeests, eat more that a murder of crows and crap more in a day than the world's population of ants.
Cats demand attention far more than ants. And show their high regard for this better. And demand it much more.
Ants can lift hundreds of times their own weight, but cats are smart enough not to not to even try this when they have these sasquatchs around that feed and groom them and lift anything heavy that needs to be lifted.
Cats are smart little buggers.
Any other cat fanciers out there that care to build on this?

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