Friday, July 20, 2007

Lemon: David Miller- Narcissist

Mr. Miller, who has the power to call a special council meeting, told reporters yesterday that councillors should have known what the stakes were on Monday when they put off his proposal.
Acting like a child, petulent, angry stamping his feet.

"The choices we face now are fairly serious ones, that's why the new revenue tools were needed," he said, sounding more like a spoiled child than the mayor of a $7.79-billion city.
"It's not a complicated thing ... this is not a game, it's the reality of the situation Toronto is in," he added, hinting that cuts to the police budget are next.

All understand that Miller (who is going to decide on the cuts himself) will make those that seem to hurt the most. He will not touch his pampered union workforce to whom he gave jobs for life and an annual 3% wage increase after he was elected in 2003.
Also understand that David Miller (and Howard Moscoe and almost half of the current Council) are in the pockets of the city unions.

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