Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why do liberals have such hate?

Some of you may have clicked a link in a post a few days ago from a frequent commenter on Blogging Tories blogs from a guy named Jeff Davidson. Lemon, as CBL editor, has been always polite with Mr. Davidson in Davidson's sometimes trollish comments.

Ever since I read the post and comments on Jeff Davidson's blog, I have reviewed of other lefty blogs. Never posted or commented on any of them, but read what was there. I can not believe the hate and vitrol from commentators, directed towards PMSH or conservative bloggers in general. Who are these people? What do they do? Why are they so angry?

I have never come across a conservative blogger who has decided to spend their time going thru these non-Tory blogs and posting links and then ridiculing them for their values, beliefs, thoughts or likes and dislikes. They condemn anything and everything conservative, and ignore the broken promises, corruption, lies, lack of action on kyoto, trusts, and all the deficiencies of liberal govts or liberal mps. These libs continually mention, or brag, that over 60% of cdns did not vote for the conservatives, but conveniently forget that more than that didn't vote liberal either, in both elections with Paul Martin as leader. They seem to think that everything bad that has happened in Canada has happened since PMSH was elected. Of course they also blame Bush for all teh trouble in the world also.

How do they get away with it, must be because we don't visit their rubbish, but they sure visit the Blogging Tories. Maybe we have to start exposing them, one at a time. Go thru the comments and recognize the names. When they post on BT sites I am sure most of them are anonymous. Sort of like all the hooded terrorists out there, afraid to come out in the open, proving they are ashamed of themselves. The really scary thing about them is that they have the right to vote. Guess we should be thankful for small favors as they have no access to the PM's bathroom or they would complain on whether he does or doesn't put the seat down.

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