Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lemon: Baseball is a Conservative Game

I have watched 45 World Series (1994 wasn't played because of unions). I played baseball for 17 years competitively.
Love of Baseball was a gift to me from my father.
I was taught how to dress, because you see, a baseball uniform was designed as it was for a reason.
Starting at the bottom, sanitary socks are worn up to the knee, pure white (unless you played for Charlie Finlay).
Then stirrup socks up over those knobs on your knees.
Pants pulled up and then folded back up over those knobs on your knees. This along with your socks provides a sliding pad and reduces the onset of "strawberries".
But big leaguers now pull their pants down to their ankles and may or may not wear stirrups or for that matter ever think about sliding.
It's the end of North American civilization, I tell you. The end.

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