Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lemon: Grits Is Their Name, Mischief is Their Game

The Post
"Once again, Stephane Dion's leadership is so inspiring that members of his caucus are dropping like flies," he said. "They are either resigning or quitting (the) Liberal party. The real question is why are the Liberals and the Bloc resigning their seats only 18 months after the last general election? Have they lost confidence in their party's leadership?"
Think for a sec...
The only statement that the PM has ever made about a general election is that it will be in 2009.
Not once has he ever hinted at anything different (although the mostly Grit pundits have beat him up for not pulling a Chretien and beating the opponents when they're down).
The mass, lemming-like, Grit group parachute jump can only be attributed to mischief - like all of their parliamentary acts since January 2006.
They have no interest but their own. To elect their acolytes, re-elect their toadies and regain power.

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