Friday, July 13, 2007

Lemon: Protest Suzuki Below Update

I decided to repost this to spread the word wider - Feel free to repost, copy or send to your friends.
I really resent Kooky treating us taxpayers as beer swilling, pot bellied gonads. (even when the shoe fits).
Canadianna has a great piece on this.
Protest this travesty.

Click here and leave a comment on your opinion of the David Suzuki Ads.

Obviously they moderate the posts.
The interesting thing is that we have provided more clicks to the site (over 40 and counting) than there have been suggestions by do gooding readers. (note I'm not against energy conservation - Im for itand practice same - I just don't like Suzuki's supercilious face on my TV telling peers that they're fat and stoopid).
We're making our point . . .

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