Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canaries in the Coal Mine or Bats in the Belfry?

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Researchers are pulling out all the stops to find whatever microscopic evidence they can to prove the world has a fever blister. Of course, they haven't discovered anything yet, and no they don't really have anything to compare their findings to, but that doesn't stop them from making the announcement:

So far, scientists haven't seen any plankton species go extinct, Nelson said from Barrow, Alaska, after a separate, two-week research voyage. But they are closely watching Pacific Ocean plankton found in the Arctic to see if they begin reproducing as sea temperatures rise.

"If a Pacific species was established in the Arctic, this would really be news," he says. "But we have not detected this yet. What could happen in this scenario is that, if the invader out-competes the native species, this could lead to fundamental changes in ecosystem function."

They're very creative, they've invented a net that traps the small beasties but lets the big ones go free. But the problem is, that we have had the same gradual change in climate that we have had for thousands of years. We haven't had any more global warming than normal. The Alarmists are talking about things maybe occuring over the NEXT 100 years.

If there isn't any warming, than what can they measure. Can they invent something else that can describe how these little monsters were affected with open waters in the arctic in the 50s?

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