Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toronto Sun Joins the Forces of Global Warming Scientific Fraud and Stupidity

Where the heck did this come from??
The "Special" is rife with inaccuracies, lies, overstatements and exaggeration.
Quick - Get Goldstein on the case.
Here's a few ridiculous statements:
"Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise."
-- If this is the case, then why are temperatures falling? Gore says that increases in CO2 results in temperature increases. This has never happened and is not happening now.
"Just a few years ago, scientists believed that the ice cap over the north pole would not disappear before 2075. But here too, reality is leapfrogging past models: Many now believe it may disappear by 2015."
-- The Ice Cap was liquid in the 1950's and there is now more ice at the pole than at any time since accurate measurements were taken (1979)
"Sea levels, already rising faster over the past decade, are expected to rise a meter by 2100. That's not catastrophic, of course, but it will create challenges for NB's coastal communities and those bordering river deltas - including Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John."
Only the most extreme alarmists talk in terms of a metre - The IPCC (extremist in itself) predicts between 7" and a foot - about the same as in the last 100 years. And Fredericton (which has had an annual flood of the SJ river as long as I've been alive, Moncton - which is 10 miles inland and has a river with a tidal bore - a daily 5 foot high increase in river depth and Saint John, which has a similar tidal effect are among the population centres least likely to suffer from increased sea levels. And Fredericton (which is near the author's home, is not on a "river delta" it's about 6o miles or so from the Bay of Fundy (which has tides as high as 50 feet).
"China is also getting serious about climate change."
Indeed... They're opening a coal fired generator plant every week for the next 10 years.

Carl Duivenvoorden is a graduate of a two year program at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, with a diploma in Farming Technology - hardly a credential that supports this article being published.

Unadulterated nonsense.

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