Monday, June 01, 2009

Society Now Victims of Barney the Dinosaur, Big Bird, Telitubbies and Peers

Remember about 20 years ago, young children's fascinations were turned away from activities that emphasized the importance of individuality and encouraged group think?
We used to play games that awarded the individual, from tag to hide and go seek, sports, war and even, (thought forbid) cowboys and indians (I liked playing in a feather head dress and being the underdog).
Then something that threatens our well being as a species occurred...
With demands from many hippie baby boomers for less war-mongering and more cooperation, Sesame Street and its ilk arrived on big media. Many of those hippie parents, fresh off protesting Vietnam, let their children be guided by foolish things that told them to cooperate and play nicely together with each other in the sand box.
About the same time, the children of many Baby Boomers entered the teaching fraternity, many of whom were made to feel guilty by being raised in privilege by their baby boomer parents.
End result, the entire paradigm shifted.
Many children became socialists (without even knowing who Karx Marx was, and not even being in the proletariat).
Now many of those kids are of voting age and and have reverted to being the hippies of their parents.
And these are the ones that are pushing the whole global warming fiasco that threatens to destroy western economies in the interest of following a bogus philosophy akin to a religion.
They have traded Barney the Dinosaur, for Al Gore the Bloated Buffoon and Big Bird for David Suzuki.
Can this status change?
When the Boomer Echo gets to age 40 or so, they will come to the realization that it is far more important to feed their families than to save the world.
But that might be another ten years down the road.
And then we'll see vast repudiation of all the global warming nonsense.

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