Friday, May 29, 2009

Bush Attracts 6000 Fans and 100 Protestors

Despite promises of shutting Toronto down, only 100 pathetic protestors showed up at Toronto Convention Centre today to protest George Bush's conversation with Bill Clinton.
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The protestors are jokes. Calling Toronto Police criminals for not arresting the former President for war crimes.
Of course, GWB is guilty of nothing. He acted on a UN directive when the UN would not because it's filled with islamists and dictators. He acted exactly as Bill Clinton did in Bosnia. US actions in Iraq (including allegations of torture) were known by and approved by Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton among others. Bill Clinton committed the same "crime" in Bosnia. Obama is carrying forward almost all of Bushes foreign policy initiatives.
The anti-war protestors showed up by the dozen, the AWOL former US military cowards in the singles, a single antidisestablishmentarian was there, and of course, various and sundry Marxists and Communists some of whom are Toronto City Councillors.
It's good to see.
If only all these wastes of skin would always stay home the city and the world would be much better.

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