Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chris Matthews Smacked: Lies Like a Cheap Rug

Climate Realists today posted a video of once prospective Democratic Presidential Candidate & resident MSNBC loudmouth Chris Matthews and Virginia Congressman Jim Moran ganging up on California Representative Dana Rohrabacher on whether or not we humans are responsible for AGW, Climate Change or the Climate Crisis (whatever the Alarmists are calling it today).

Here's a link to the entire video. Matthews, not surprisingly, does an astoundingly partisan and biased job of "moderating" while rep. Moran spews lie after lie taken from the Alarmist prayer book. All comments made by the Alarmists are puff - statements without any supporting facts. They resort to portraying climate realists as science hating Christian republicans who are acting for political reasons. It serves well as a case study of the Alarmist message. The great news is that partisanship such as this has made Realists ramp up their responses with highly credible facts in response.

Following is my "fisked" version of the video revealing the lies that we are continually bombarded with in an attempt at discrediting facts.

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