Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Alarmists Admit Defeat - Intro New Public Relations Strategy

Our UK friend Ranting Stan broke the story a couple of years ago about how the climate alarmists had an organized strategy to manipulate public opinion on climate change. Subsequently, CBL was able to connect this to Hoggan Public Relations/Desmog Blog and their conjoined twin, David Suzuki.

Now the New York Times has the updated communication plan, and as the Spinsters Eco-America reports, the Alarmists PR campaigners are admitting defeat:
The days of hunches and rough ideas on how to engage Americans on climate are slowly fading. We used to think that being climate agnostic was a state of ignorance. We now know it is a decision based on social norms and trust. And it’s not just mainstream Americans who are confused. From Bill Gates to Warren Buffett to Steve Jobs, many of America’s best and brightest leaders have other priorities. They are skeptical about the degree of the climate crisis and of proposed solutions. Many environmentalists, in turn, are skeptical about the necessity and even the potential of engaging them.
The Times describes the way that the Spinsters are looking to move the cheese - change the lexicon to avoid the tired old scaremongering banshee screeches of Gore, Suzuki, Hansen, et al. Here's a synopsis (with a little embellishment from CBL):

What they Used
to Say
What they want people
to say instead
What it Really Means
Global Warming Climate Change The cold weather is proving that Global Warming is bogus. Let's use a phrase that covers all possible weather outcomes.

Carbon Dioxide

Abandon the dirty fuels of the past.
Sheeple have come to the realization that CO2 is actually a benign and beneficial gas that has only a teeny affect on climate.
Carbon Dioxide Our deteriorating atmosphere.
Let's go back to the Pollution meme - it worked and we managed to close down hundreds of plants along the Great Lakes

None Shared American ideals, like freedom, prosperity, independence and self-sufficiency, Our ideals like control over others, more money in our pockets, wealth transfer and group think
Cap and Trade Cap and cash back We get their money and they think they're doing something good.

Cap and Trade Pollution reduction refund We get their money and they think they're saving the world.

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