Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suzuki Propaganda Agency Funded by Proceeds of Illegal Activity

Desmog Blog is part of a highly organized and well financed public relations program to continue the money train for David Suzuki and his ideological brothers and sisters dedicated to the destruction of western economies. It's team of full time bloggers try to slander and take down every person or scientist who criticizes their specious theories.

Lately, on Joanne Nova's Blog the old name John Lefebvre has again come up. There is another strong PR campaign out there protesting the smearing of Lefebvre. Well, telling the truth is not smearing. Lefebvre is recognized as a founding contributor of Desmog Blog and he pleaded guilty to getting his money illegally, to wit:

First - his blog work on Desmog:
Here is a collection of Blogs on Desmog Written by John Lefebvre

Second, Desmog Blog Confirms Receiving Funding From Lefebvre
Presumably, as Lefebvre doesn't have any other job except "conspiracy to conduct illegal gambling transactions", then Desmog Blog is at least partly financed by illegal activity.

Third, Lefebvre Pleads Guilty July 10, 2007
John Lefebvre, the co-founder of financial transaction service company Neteller, today plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to conduct illegal Internet gambling transactions. Lefebvre is the co-founder of Neteller along with friend, Stephen Lawrence. Lawrence was the first to plead guilty to the same charges last week.
Fourth. Macleans writes about him.
Evidently, still has lots of cash to invest in AGW propaganda
Both Lefebvre and Lawrence pleaded guilty in July 2007, avoiding further jail time. “I’m out on bail,” he says, his plea bargain contingent on assisting the FBI “to understand how the business works.” The company and its two founders were also hammered with substantial fines. “Between [Lawrence], myself and the company, we forfeited $240 million. My portion of that was $40 million,” says Lefebvre. “That’s a lot of given’ away money.” Asked if he’s still solvent, he chuckles. “I’m fine,” he says.

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