Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leftie Media Delusional

Just watching a doc called "Right America, Feeling Wronged". Helen Thomas, who was a cub reporter on Abe Lincoln's first Illinois state legislator campaign stated, "we still have never been told why George Bush invaded Iraq."
Actually, this is code for "George Bush still hasn't admitted that America invaded Iraq because his family and Ahmadinejad's family play croquet together and the Bushies got paid billions by the Iranis."
Actually, the reasons for invading Iraq were made clear to both Houses of Congress, both of which approved the event (including Hillary and Pelosi). It was to put into effect UN Security Council Resolution 1441, which called for Saddam to allow UN inspectors total freedom in looking for weapons of mass destruction.
I guess the old hearing hasn't worked so well since than Truman.

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