Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One more time - there is no average global temperature - Turns out I was right...

Turns out I was right...

Batting average is simple - you take the total number of hits and divide it by the total number of at bats. You compare this years average with other years calculated in the same manner.
Global Climate average is not quite that simple to determine, in fact, it's impossible to find out, and its easy to fudge.
To have an accurate average global temperature, you would need to have the temperatures for every locality at exactly the same time using exactly the same measuring equipment in exactly the same way.
And to compare average temperatures, you would need to have studies for previous periods - preferrably over a long period of time.
Any other figure is imagined, or worse, more than likely taken from a selective sample of climate temperature record to "prove" a point.
I walk outside this summer, it is raining on 80% of the days, it is colder than I have ever seen it in my part of the world on this day. That's an observation. But that's about all we really got to go on.

And, one more time, the Climate Alarmists only have to be wrong once on the effect of CO2 in increasing temperatures. And they've been wrong for almost a decade - I encourage people to look back on my posts as far as their predictions and actuals. If the Alarmist predictors were paid according to their accuracy in predicting, they'd be a part of the starvation problem the world has, not a part of a Global Warming crisis that we don't.

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