Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I will give up all worldly goods and devote my life to praising Mother Earth

... if only I never have to look at another picture of Elizabeth May.
Update - I was getting ill so reduced the size of the picture

Unintended Consequences - Note the comments - she doesn't seem to have too many supporters, even in the Red Star.

Meanwhile, she forgets something in her essay today, to wit:
Then former president George W. Bush took the U.S. out of the Kyoto process
She forgets that in 1995 Bill Clinton, in a speech in Philippines said:" Global Warming is a Hoax". And Clinton and his fat lapdog, Al Gore, didn't even bother trying to get Kyoto passed by Congress. And she forgets to mention that the USA reduced carbon emissions during GWB's years in office much more than Clinton Gore and way more than Canada.

Meanwhile, the Master of Ceremonies in Chief of the United States has another TV appearance.
I wonder who writes his material.

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