Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lush Saving Seals

Lush is one of those mall stores that you smell long before you see.
A toxic, loud cloying odor that would frighten away honey bees.
But my lovely girl really likes it for its "Bombs" (I rake the flower beds when she's soaking in it".
But blessing of all blessing she is.
At the Eaton Centre, we smell the store while about 1/4 mile and make the trek.
There's a big sign, "SAVE THE SEALS". Kate walks in, picks out her bomb and is asked by a young thing if "she would like to contribute to saving the seals?"
Kate scowled and said, "no, I came to buy cosmetics."
The poor young thing looked like a petard was hoisted right in front of her generous, but young nose. (I wondered how someone with such an untrained and prominent probiscus could work in such a smelly place.) My girl came back and said, "damn, I wish I had my fur coat."

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