Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scientists are Wrong on Global Warming

Thousands of scientists are on the record as concluding that AGW / Climate Change is caused by the actions of humans.

Thousands of other scientists are on the record as saying that this is horsefeathers - mostly that CO2 has never caused the climate to change and that variations are caused by the Sun.

One of these groups is wrong - they are not arguing semantics or minor items.

So scientists are wrong. Period.

In consideration of this, the scientific principal of "null hypothesis" needs to be brought to the table. Under this approach every theory is always considered unproven.
A theory can be "proven" a thousand times, but when a single tests proves wrong, then the theory needs to be discarded.

Since Man-created Co2 has risen faster than ever in history in the last 10 years, yet temperatures have slightly decreased or stayed the same (note there is no such thing as an average temperature) then the original theory is proven wrong.

Even commentators who support the man made Co2 theory have admitted as much by changing the whole theme to "Climate Change" from AGW.

One of the top IPCC experts is wavering, almost (Lorne Gunter):
But as Prof. Latif pointed out, the Atlantic, and particularly the North Atlantic, has been cooling instead. And it looks set to continue a cooling phase for 10 to 20 more years. "How much?" he wondered before the assembled delegates. "The jury is still out." (...)

While they deny it now, the facts to the contrary are staring them in the face: None of the alarmist drummers every predicted anything like a 30-year pause in their apocalyptic scenario.

Prof. Latif says he expects warming to resume in 2020 or 2030. "People will say this is global warming disappearing," he added. According to him, that is not the case. "I am not one of the skeptics," he insisted. "However, we have to ask the nasty questions ourselves or other people will do it."

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