Monday, June 15, 2009

The Global Warming Debate is Over

Just not the way that Al Gore and David Suzuki would like...
I find it hard to work up much high dudgeon about Anthropomorphic Global Warming / Climate Change anymore. There is just nothing left to say.
People who actually look at the facts come in only two categories: bought and paid for by money they make by trying to scare the bejeezus out of people about the climate, and those that say it's a load of hooey.
The most critical factor in the debate is the effect on man-made Carbon Dioxide on the climate. The supposition by the Alwarmists is that it leads to warmer temperatures. And all their formulae on future changes to the climate are based on higher levels of CO2 spewed by existing industrial economies and others that will soon join the club.
There is no evidence of this; it seems that historically CO2 did increase some centuries after warm periods, but not the other way around.
But the problem is that CO2 has increased steadily over the past decade, yet temperatures have not increased. Temps are at this moment almost exactly at the levels they were 100 years ago. There is no global warming, and any attempt to blame current famines or droughts on such a theory is disingenuous.
This means that all their fancy formulae are irrelevant and wrong.
Without that argument, they have nothing to say.
So it's over.
Polar Bears are doing fine, thank you. So well that they don't often come into town anymore to look for juicy pedestrians.The North Pole is frozen solid and surrounded by as much ice as ever been recorded. Even almost the entirety of two hot spots of focus on AGW (Antarctica and Greenland) are seeing the vast majority of their ice fields grow larger, not melting. And people in North America (the only ones that matter) have suffered through two consecutive bone numbingly cold winters and springs. I know - I saw You Think You Can Dance hopefuls in North Carolina, Memphis and Los Angeles wearing winter clothes when standing in line.
The leap away from logic is based on the belief that people are so stupid that they will trust Alwarmist rhetoric more than their lying eyes. But people are smart enough to know that having sun is good and not having sun is bad. Meanwhile, revelations on the expected economic costs of shelling out trillions to solve a problem that doesn't exist, will kill any real consensus that AGW exists and along with it any carbon taxing legislation.
So bye-bye Al Gore, David Suzuki and Jim Hansen.
You're no longer pulling any strings nor do you have any influence.
Good riddance. Take the tens of millions of bucks you fraudulently took from average people and get lost.

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