Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The AGW Debate is Over - Part Deux

The Truth is Out There
The Toronto Star is recognized as a left leaning (if not left toppled over) daily dedicated to all things that suck money out of one group of peoples' pockets and plunge it into the pockets of others.
They have never met a UN scheme they haven't liked and worship Gore and Suzuki as ancient Aztecs worshipped the sun.
In another case of unforeseen circumstances, overnight they published a story of how the Canadian Conservative government were paying lip service to climate change and they got an overwhelming response. COMMENTS
Here are a few samples:
With ice levels expanding rapidly and the number of scientists now poking more holes in Al Gore's theories than a sieve, why are we still talking about this. There is no Global Warming, in fact the earth stopped warming over a decade ago.

the ice caps on Mars are shrinking at a rate as great or greater than on earth (as documented by the European Space Organization and NASA), yet it would seem there aren't a lot of vehicles roaming the Martian surface.

ESA has studied the sun and has confirmed that a new cycle to warming temperatures began in 1850. Cycle lasts 500 years. Sunspot cycles are a 12 year cycle.

The climate is far too complex to make any ascertion that CO2 is the driver of climate. It's not. The sun is the primary driver of the climate.

AGW is a $50 BILLION hoax, the planet is NOT heating up, hasn't since 1998. Climate change is NORMAL with decadal and centennial cycles. Solar scientists have evidence that the sun is in a cooling phase for the next 20-30 years.
I would encourage CBL readers to contribute more facts, but they have shut down comments.

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