Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lemon: July 2007 Golden Lemon Award

July, for yours truly, was a desolate month for blogging.
Without Grit tomfoolery, antics, hi jinks and dirty tricks (because no one was paying attention) there was little to scribe about - by anyone.
But there was one very special perspective discovered - Patrick Ross of Nexus of Assholery (Patty - you need to work on that - there is nothing assholey about your blog) writes original opinion and has still not pandered to the need for readership that most of us almost psychotically have.
He doesn't post links to get clicks, nor does he add his blog to blogrolls to get Technorati and other credits.
For depth and breadth of thought and expression, for clearness in perspective, Canadian Blue Lemons is proud to appoint Patrick Ross as our Golden Lemon Award winner for July 2007.
He joins the ranks of stellar others such as Ranting Stan, Dr. Roger Pielke, Bloody Scot and Snake.
He is allowed and encouraged to post this award somewhere discretely or not, somewhere on his blog.
Congratulations, Patrick. Keep up the great work.

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