Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lemon: What if Barry Bonds Quit?

Or for that matter, was injured, just one home run behind Hank Aaron?
Would anyone care, because they sure seem to care now.
I have written before about my love of baseball as a legacy from my Dad, and how this legacy had been defiled by Bud Selig and his gang of bad-smelling moneyans.
Since I was a Jays season ticket holder in 1994, I have attended a few games but have not paid for a single ticket.
Because, you see, Bud had made sure that the Expos never won their world series and were starved to death afterward so his buddy Jeff Loria could sell them to MLB for about $200 million and use this to buy the Florida team and move the Expos to DC.
Now that Bonds is on the fringe of matching Hank Aaron's home run record he is going through what Roger Maris and Hammerin Hank did. He is despised by almost all observers. Even though he did nothing illegal. Maybe unethical, but not illegal.
But I suspect that Bud and his buds would love to see Bonds drop out of the race, whatever the cause.

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