Monday, August 20, 2007

Lemon: The Canadian Heritage Myth of the Inukshuk

Darcy at Dust My Broom revealed today an ignorant piece in the Globe & Mail about the blight Inukshuks cause on the tundra -- how they were a form of frozen graffiti.
But the Ministry of Heritage and Nonsense had an even more insulting piece that we paid for them to air regularly a few years back. They represented these stone scarecrows as something mystical and spiritual for the Inuit people - that they were like physical manifestations of their connection to the land and eternal memorials to their existence on it.

But as Darcy rightly reveals in his embedded link, the stone monuments were really used for survival, for more effectively killing caribou and pointing to water sources and the like.
For the Inuit about as spiritual as a sign pointing to a McDonalds is to us.

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