Sunday, August 05, 2007

BATB: Toxic Multiculturalism

“Ah, the joys of mass immigration and multiculturalism,” notes a commenter at Angry in the Great White North, concerning the death of Constable Robert Plunkett, apparently at the hands of Nadeem Jiwa and Baseer Mohammed Yousafzai, both out on bail for prior infractions of the law—and Jiwa now out on bail again. (
What a fools’ game when we allow our culture of law and order to be compromised by misplaced altruism in the form of “multiculturalism.” To think that we can make our society more “open, tolerant, and diverse” by ignoring the rule of law when a growing number of immigrants, seemingly with impunity, consistently break our laws can come to no good end. In three recent cases, involving Nadeem Jiwa, Baseer Mohammed Yousafzai, Naumin Nusrat, Prabhjit Multani, Alexander Ryazanov, and Wang-Piao Dumani Ross, the lives of three innocent victims have been taken: Constable Robert Plunkett, David Virgoe, and Tahir Khan.
When law-abiding citizens are treated with contempt by a legal system that is lenient on the sentencing of immigrants who break the law, in order to make them feel--what?--more welcome?, in order that they not call us “racist”?; when a limp-wristed judiciary turns a blind eye to gross infractions of our laws and consistently grants bail to inveterate law-breakers; when lawyers, judges, members of the media, and educators are cowed and crippled by political correctness, which leads them to observe a discreet silence when it comes to the growing problem of criminal behaviour in a number of immigrant groups, we are, ironically, creating a Canada of arbitrary measures from which most immigrants left their homelands to escape.

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