Monday, August 20, 2007

Lemon: Hurricane Dean Devastates Climate Doomsters

Despite wishes and hopes of Global Warming denial deniers, it appears that Hurricane Dean will turn out to be a tempest in the Caribbean teapot.
Narrowly missing Jamaica, although three deaths resulted (many fewer than are usually murdered in drug deals gone bad in Montego Bay during the same time period), it appears that the hurricane also has missed the Caymans. The denial deniers, however, are still hoping that Dean will do the lambada in Cancun.
Global Warming Denial Denier, Mo Bay (no relation) said that this was one more sign that the world has a fever blister. But he also commented that the protest actions to date by Global Warming Denial Deniers surely reduced the harm that would have been caused if they had remained silent.
He gave Al Gore credit for saving thousands of lives by staging a series of concerts to show the earth that we really care for it.
Global Warming Denial Deniers are still hoping that hurricanes this year will kill at least 2,000 people and cause more than $5 Billion in damage during this tropical storm season. They are currently 1,997 deaths and $4.99 billion in damages short of their plan year to date.

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