Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lemon: China and an Olympic Boycott

Watching Michael Coren last night the issue of a boycott of the Beijing Games was brought up as a potential strategy to improve human rights in China.

Mark Warner, who's running against Bob Rae for a Toronto seat, came through perfectly in his response - basically that it would have little effect and that China isn't going anywhere, and that we have to deal with them. And he should know, his bio ( reveals that he spent many years working for the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation. So he knows his stuff as far as global economic issues go.

I remember back in the early 80's when the USA and Canada (among others) boycotted the Moscow Games. I even had several friends who were shut out of their Olympic participation by this. I've also worked on a couple of global scale sport bids so have certain sympathy for the real victims of a boycott - the athletes.
One thing stands out - Berry's World - a political comic strip - showed two Russians (with Sable hats and the Kremlin in the background) chatting. One said, "The way I heard it is that the American imperialists threatened to boycott the Olympics so we had to invade Afghanistan."

In any case, what was the outcome of this boycott of a games on the human rights violating nation?
Within ten years they lost their grip on Eastern Europe and the commies were given the boot.

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