Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lemon: My Daily Drive Through Parkdale Paradise

Every morning I drive the stretch of Parkdale from Dufferin to the Queensway.
When I'm not avoiding streetcars and dodging cyclists who are dodging potholes, I notce the city in which I live.
I take note of the dollar stores, leftist Councillor Gord Perk's constitutency office (located in a community centre of all places), and the people.
On every street corner there are generally a few panhandlers, about the same number of people living in socio-economic fall out and one prostitute.
It disturbs me greatly to see the human devastation that exists not far from my home; it is horrid that with the quarter billion dollars our city spends on housing, homeless and poverty that somehow so many of our residents don't fall through the cracks, but into crack.
The addicted women, reducing their human existence to the lowest possible level, offering their intimacy and dignity for a few dollars, make me wonder about our society.
Their physical and emotional condition cannot be attractive to anyone. I wondered this morning, what type of man would have sexual relations with these women?
I suspect only those that are not looking for a sensation or satisfaction but are looking to dominate and degrade another human being. Criminals acting out sociopathically.
Stress?? We know nothing about stress.
Article on Sex Workers

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