Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lemon: Colle & Cricket - Liberalism at It's Most Typical

Mike Colle, is a decent guy washed in the blood of the Liberal Party, which means finding ways of giving public money to their friends.
He's now on the back benches after his un-uniquely Ontarian version of Adscam.
You all know that Colle directed a fund that provided millions of cultural organization without application or accountability.
One beneficiary, the Ontario Cricket Association received a million bucks and only asked for $150 k.
Now the OCA won't give it back.
And why should they?
But if they got it without asking one needs to ask why.
It's not as if there is a huge demand - there are only 12,000 cricket players in all of Canada compared to 920,000 basketball players in Ontario, alone.
Could it be because the greatest numbers of the cricketeers are from South Asia?
Maybe. Wouldn't surprise.

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