Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lemon: Just Another Day in Unbiased Media Reportage

Tories lack consistent message

The Harper government rejected opposition calls yesterday to give Elections Canada new tools to detect multiple donations to a political party's riding associations

Despite controlling the government benches for the past 18 months, Stephen Harper's Conservatives are still failing to improve their support among the electorate

It seems strange that Ontario and Quebec have managed to quickly reach a deal with Ottawa to develop a central Canadian gateway, while Nova Scotia has been struggling without success

Suspicions that the Foreign Affairs Minister can't handle his portfolio rise as Peter MacKay skips out on an important multilateral meeting, sending his deputy in his place.

Mr. Mulroney, if there's nothing to hide, why hide it?

Stephen Harper has all but exhausted his policy agenda and his government is adrift.

Tory charms may come up short in Atlantic region

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