Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why The Global Awarmists Are Getting Away With It

How Digital Media Has Allowed Global Warming to be Embraced

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity of introducing and listening to a futurist, Dr. Stan Davis from MIT. His theme was based on his best seller of the time "Blur"
The BIG IDEA that I left with was his comment on the "Value of the Virtual". His belief, which has largely been proven, is that the imagined value of something would be worth more from a currency perspective (and as it works out philosophically) than the actual obvious economic value of something.
He described a world in which an online TV Guide would be worth more than the combined value of the TV networks (which provide the content for TV Guide). As it works out, the online TV listings has made TV Guide redundent, but for many years Dr. Stan was bang on.
He described a world where a 13 year old prospective Michael Jordan would sell a share of his potential future earnings.

So how does this lead to my theme?

Well, our society mostly exists in the unreal. The world of digital entertainment, virtual social networks, on-line gaming. The BIG Billionaires have made their fortunes on such. Not on trains or logging or mining or real businesses.

It is much easier for people who grew up in the digital age (say 1980+) who have never lived without video games to accept a concept such as a world about to burn, and ignore the obvious - that our climate has not changed in well over 100 years. And there are many oldsters who, I think, wanna date hippy chicks who pretend to buy in as well.

But real old timers - those who are old enough to remember Logan's Run (which is being remade)- almost always have bullshit detectors. Except, of course, those who are making bucks from the fraud.

Which is what it is. The bottom line is that today's climate is almost identical to that of 100 years ago, and the IPCC predicts a future climate a hundred years from now to be almost exactly the same.

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