Thursday, March 05, 2009

Prosecutor Laughs and Calls Murder Victim "Tim" --- UPDATE

One more case in which lawyers place themselves above human respect and emotions. The prosecutor - Joyce Dalmyn - in the case has the audacity to call the murdered and eaten victim "Tim" and to laugh on camera. Fire. Her.
According to this defender of innocent carnival workers: "I had an obligation to bring that to the court's attention and the family understand and respect that."
Sure. Dirtbag. Say that the devastated family understands that no one is responsible for killing heir boy. How they will understand why the public needs to allow someone to murder their boy and eat pieces of him without punshment.

Then the defender of the murdering cannibal spouts off:

"Mr. Li will get help," said his lawyer, Alan Libman. "The Canadian public can be assured that the review board will take into consideration the protection of the public. Mr. Li advised me after court that he's going to work with his treatment team because it's his desire to get better."
Of course this monster wants to get better - then he'll be able to be released and do it again.

CBC Report Here
Case after case of those who should never be in public allowed to walk free because it's his right, and slaughter another human being.
And No, Nancy Wilson. This murderer was not "accused" he cut off a young man's head in public. He really, really did it. He massacred a young man in the most cruel way and will pay no penalty.

And when Vincent Li applies for a job he will not be required to divulge his act, because he has no criminal record.

Whenever I see a case like this, or Greenspan get another scumbag off, I hope that they someday get to experience that same role of loved one of a victim and break down in public.

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