Friday, March 06, 2009

What (Who's) Next for Ontario Tories

What irresistible poetry it was - a guy named Tory running a party named the Tories...
And what a shame that due to bad luck, judgment, thinking off message out loud or the wisdom of the masses, that John Tory never became Premier.

I see a few things in Jt's trouncing that threatens the entire future of the PCO:

1/ There are no safe seats. Rural Ontarians will not be taken for granted.

2/ There is a definite schism between red and blue Tories in Ontario. Hardliners are at war with urban dogooders for the heart, soul and moneybags of the PCO.

3/ Ontario Tories are not "taking a rest" at the invite of Ontario taxpayers, as JT said in his leadership campaigning days. They are asleep. Without total renewal, the Grits will run Ontario as long as the Tories did before 1985.

There are lots of old Harris horses out there that I'm sure are
all chatting with their campaigners today: Klees (whose denial sounds halfhearted), Runciman, Witmer, Wilson. And Christine Elliot (Flaherty) will almost surely be unable to resist.

ho are some of the unlikelies looking to get in at the top. Garth Turner is always up for anything that involves him having to do nothing for a living except nod and blog.

But who actually has a chance to rebuild and refresh a Tory corpus that is flabby and stuck in the status went?

Peter Shurman is interesting for his communication skills.

I noticed John Tory's protege, Mark Beckles from up Brampton way (Bill Davis-land) in the last election as being someone new to the scene who has a lot of years ahead of him
available to rebuild the big blue machine. I think I could get behind him.

What say others??

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