Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just When You Thought All Was Being Said and Nothing Being Done

They had to say more. How Worser and Worser is to be the Globe unless we don't give them all our money immediately. From Tom Nelson

Remember When Everyone (incl CBL) Thought That The IPCC Were Exaggerating BSing Greedy Idiots?

Turns out that people noticed that their extreme forecasts weren't that extreme after all. Turns out that their projected fever blister would only mean a lot more food growth, a lot less starvation and increased water levels about knee high to a new born wallaby (at worst).

So, knowing that the gig is up, a buncha looneywarmers had to make even more terrible unsubstanciated predictions.

But it turns out, that the IPCC had something to say about Ridiculous Over-Exaggeration on Climate back when they wrote their 2007 report:
Chapter 6; section 6-42
In general, the certainty with which this chapter presents our understanding of abrupt climate change is overstated. There is confusion between hypothesis and evidence throughout the chapter, and a great deal of confusion on the differences between an abrupt "climate change" and possible, hypothetical causes of such climate changes.

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