Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Media Bias on Global Warming Conference?

CO2 Skeptic features a report on a presentation by Stanley Goldenberg of NOAA's Hurricane Research Division while speaking at the International Climate Change Conference which finishes today in NYC, quote:
“If you’re here from the media I’d be glad to argue with you from firsthand experience. I challenge anybody from a mainstream media source to take or print a positive report on this conference. They won’t get it past the editor. If they do, miracles do happen.”"
Well, I took Mr. Goldenberg's challenge on and Google News Searched the topic and found 279 news reports today, a dozen that actually mentioned the conference.

And there was ONE, yes ONE report that was published and was positive. So obviously Stanley is wrongly paranoid...

Pittsburgh Tribune Online Version
They're wrapping up the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change today in New York City. And, no, this isn't a gathering of the usual squawking Chicken Littles predicting global warming Armageddon.
Contrary to the "universal conclusion" that the debate over man-made global warming is "over," dozens of esteemed scientists have spent the last three days dissecting, digesting and reaffirming the real science.
Or as Dan Miller, a spokesman for the conference's sponsor, The Heartland Institute, put it, there's "plenty of room for disagreement" and "sound science shows that the Earth is not warming.
"For much of the latter part of the 20th century there's been a mild warming as we come out of an ice age," Mr. Miller notes, "but the planet today is much cooler than it was a thousand years ago."
This commonsense assessment comes amid some pretty good knee-slappers from The Crazy Sect. Chief among them, exhaling effectively contributes to global warming. (It's CO2, right?) Oh, and Britain's Prince Charles, in a speech to be delivered Thursday, is set to tell us we're all doomed in eight years.
Research presented at this week's Heartland conference shows no significant net planetary warming since 1940. And the data suggest insignificant warming over the next two centuries.
Now that's something to really squawk about.

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