Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yahoo!! - Toronto Breaks Record

Police are hunting for two suspects after a man was shot to death Sunday night at a townhouse complex in the northwest part of Toronto.

We beat the Year of the Gun. We beat the Year of the Gun!
Remember 2005, when we reached this landmark record when a 15 year old innocent was murdered by gangbangers on Boxing Day outside of the Eaton Centre?
We did it. We beat it!
Even though David Miller implemented all kinds of rec pregrams and hired 250 new cops (against his better judgement) and got homes for all the poor people and all. Remember him and McGuinty and Martin all gathering at the scene of the crime promising this would never happen again and making all those empty promises?

And we still got 36 days to establish a record that will never ever be broken.

This is terrific. And proof of what an incompetent Mayor Toronto has and how bereft of common sense and compassion those Liberals and NDPers who oppose tough laws against violent criminals are.

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