Saturday, November 24, 2007

CBL's Report on AIDS (Source Spin Mag) Being Proven Correct.

Our Post (originally from June)
15 Years ago, Spin Magazine researched and concluded that the AIDS pandemic was politicized nonsense. That it was being used to transfer funds to certain geographies and to certain people. Consultants, activists, doctors, researchers all lived high off the hog by lying to the public about the scope and scale of the disease. As we said in our post the global AIDS pandemic is a fraud on the scale of Human Caused Global Warming.
Every individual case of AIDS is a tragedy, but the lies being passed on to the public is a scandal.

Peggy Wente behind a firewall at the Globe & Mail (I recommend picking up a copy of today's Globe, or subscribing, to access the whole story). The lies:
What happened was that the UN's top AIDS scientists were finally forced to admit that their numbers had been wildly overstated. “They had clearly been using inflated numbers for some years,” charged Stephen Lewis, the former special UN envoy for HIV-AIDS in Africa. He even accused UNAIDS of being “irresponsible.”

The AIDS epidemic is past its peak -- Even UNAIDS has admitted that global HIV incidence had peaked by the late 1990s.

AIDS is not a big problem outside Africa -- The global infection rate outside of Africa is 0.2 per cent

Outside Africa, people in the general population are unlikely to become infected -- In the rest of the world, HIV is almost entirely confined to men who have sex with other men, intravenous drug users and female sex workers.

The main driver of infection is not poverty, but high-risk sexual behaviour.

The riskiest behaviour is having multiple concurrent sexual partners.

Even in sub-Saharan Africa, the news isn't all bad. The HIV infection rate has levelled off at about 3 per cent

AIDS is a terrible pandemic, but it's not the worst.

And yet, a lot of people don't want to hear the (relatively) good news about AIDS.

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