Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spin Magazine Report on AIDS Infection in Africa

I posted this in June - it needs to be revisited with the UN's admission that the number of AIDs cases have been exaggerated. These lies were known for over a decade but, of course, not revealed to the public - there are far too powerful interests at work.

This should be required reading for everyone who is observing the AIDS epidemic in Africa (and wanting the G-8 to provide billions more).
Spin Magazine
Note- there is a part two.

Here's a quote:
Meanwhile, financial interests appear to be fanning the flames. The WHO allotted $6 million to AIDS education in Uganda in a single year, while all other infectious diseases combined received a mere $57,000. We were warned by an African physician working in London that many doctors in Africa depend on the exaggerated African AIDS statistics for their livelihood. "When they go to these AIDS conferences around the world," he said, "the per diem they are given is what they make in an entire year at home."
Here's a piece from a great blog from a similar perspective but that reveals that it is almost impossible for a male to be infected by HIV during normal heterosexual canoodling.

I should add that I would absolutely support the provision of the necessary level of medical care for malaria, tuberculosis and any other epidemic disease in Africa. I just resent (a) the lies and exaggeration and (b) the ongoing commentary that AIDS in Africa is spread by rampant homosexuality.

The other lie that bothers is that the dubious African AIDS statistics are consolidated with AIDs stats from developed countries to come up with a massive number of infectees. This has resulted in more AIDs organizations existing in the USA than there are people with AIDS and more donated to this cause than almost every other disease.

This is enough to rate the AIDs issue as a fraud on the scale of human-caused global warming.

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