Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our World? FUBAR

Canada and other rich countries must immediately start backing their promises to combat climate change with tough action and hard cash, says a new United Nations study.
The 2007 Human Development Report calls on wealthy nations to not only slash their greenhouse gas emissions but also to provide $86 billion by 2015 to help the world’s poor adapt to global warming.
“We have less than a decade to avoid dangerous climate change,” UN official Papa Seck of Senegal told an Ottawa news conference. “That doesn’t mean safe climate change, there is no such thing. It just means not a catastrophe.”

Hey Papa, how about we give you and your whole Sengalese family a million. Will you change your mind then? Betcha will...
Senegal ... give me an effin break. Where is it and who gives a flying eff.

Meanwhile, the National, does a simulation of what a takedown might look like, as played by actors, in a domestic despute. No one, as it appears, has a blood alcohol level of .24, or(and) two grams of coke. Everything is settled peacefully.

Where is Alice when you need her...

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