Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CJunk Wants More Good News? We Supply On Demand. 7/24 if Needed.

Here ya go, Paul.

From the New York Times
The security improvements in most neighborhoods are real. Days now pass without a car bomb, after a high of 44 in the city in February. The number of bodies appearing on Baghdad’s streets has plummeted to about 5 a day, from as many as 35 eight months ago, and suicide bombings across Iraq fell to 16 in October, half the number of last summer and down sharply from a recent peak of 59 in March, the American military says.

I think it's becoming safe to say (but not happily for Hillary and her Hilarious Harridan Pelosi and henchman Harry Reid) that by the time E-Day in the USA arrives, that the UN will be back in Mesopotamia sipping their mint juleps and Cristal and taking credit for the re-civilization of Iraq.

I have had a Google Alert for "Iraq Success" for about 6 months, for the first three there was thin gruel. Now every day I get a least a couple of stories that report on something to cheer about.

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