Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reid: CBC's "Politics" was never intended for Western viewers

As someone who has lived his whole life in BC or Alberta, I had never heard of Newman's Politics on CBC until I started seeing synopses of it on this blog.

So then I started to watch it if I got home from work on time. It took me awhile to realize that I was only getting a chopped down version of the show. You see, it airs at 5pm Toronto time. Which is 4pm in MB (sometimes SK), 3pm in AB & SK (sometimes), and 2pm BC and I'm never home from work this early. The half hour version then airs at 5:30pm AB & SK and 4:30 BC. A very large portion of the Canadian population just isn't home from work when the CBC airs this show. So much for being the "national" broadcaster.

At least MDL on CTV airs again at 5pm BC, 6pm AB & SK. CTV, a private broadcaster, is far more of a national network than the CBC is.

The CBC is a dinosaur after all so this perhaps shouldn't be surprising. They're still locked in the mindset of when Federal elections where over when the polls in Ontario closed. Politically speaking, the West doesn't matter in their liberal utopia. So why air their signature show on Canadian politics when Westerns can actually watch it?

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